Sir Brian, del 2

I slutet av 2009 diskuterade jag min faiblesse för riddaren sir Brian i filmen/boken Ivanhoe. Som framgår av länken startade jag även en Facebook-grupp.

En tjej, som startat en om fjanten Ivanhoe, tog det hela på allvar och viss strid utbröt. En del barn av min generation är verkligen förtjusta i filmatiseringen av Ivanhoe med Anthony Andrews från 1982.

Men det finns fler nördar där ute! Häromdagen trillade följande mail ner i min inkorg, med vars avsändare jag nu för en livlig diskussion. Livet har sina ups and downs, det är helt klart.

Dear Mr. Adolphson,
With great interest I read about your facebook-group concerning Sir Brian. I am myself not a member of facebook, so I contact you this way. Some years ago I wrote a novel about Sir Brian (his career before the advents described in ”Ivanhoe”), because I am really fascinated by his character. I published only a little private edition. Naturally I know all films and series. I am impressed by the fact that the 1982-version of Ivanhoe is shown in Sweden every new years day. How to explain this popularity ? (Ivanhoe is no Swedish theme, Walter Scott no Swedish author…). Perhaps you can explain this? I would really like to know. If I understood right, your facebook-group discusses mainly about the film. Certainly you know Jan Guillous story about the templar knight Arn – and it is interesting that there are several allusions to Scotts Bois-Guilbert. So it seems that Sir Brian enjoys some popularity in your country. For the moment I am occupied with Sir Brians ”afterlife” in literature, arts and music. Very thrilling! Perhaps we can get into touch?
Best wishes!
Sabine Lippert